My Daily Prayer

( . . . in the spirit of the Lord’s Prayer )


Thank You, Father, for all Your wonderful blessings:

My beautiful family; Helen, the love of my life; our great friends;

Thank You for the Peace of Mind, the Joy, and the Abundance

of all things good... (including tremendous positive cash flow!)


Thank You, Holy Spirit, for my guardian angels and spirit guides.


As You surround me and fill me with Your Light, so also

Bless & Protect My Family, Helen and Her Family,

our extended families, and all of our friends and loved ones.


Grant eternal rest to those who have crossed over to Spirit,

especially our parents, family, friends, and ancestors...

Your perpetual Light shine upon them!


Let me be an Instrument of Your Peace;

...a Beacon of Your Light and of Your Love!


Let me glorify You with my life,

through your Son, Jesus, The Christ,

Our Brother, Lord and Redeemer!


All Praise, Honor & Glory be Yours, Father,

Now & Forever!




Breathing deeply, I release all negative energy and anything of low vibration from every cell of my being. I send these negative energies and all things of low vibration back to their source, from wherever they came!


I call back to my body, mind and spirit everything of high vibration and the energies of Light & Love, which were given to me even before my first breath!



My Mission:  Doing God’s work, promoting enlightened living...

Eventually each one of us, whether in this life or the next, will realize that “We Are All One!” We were created to glorify our Creator as we share in His Love; helping each other, praying for one another, and guiding each other into The Light!

Having been created in the image of all Source of Light & Love, here then is my wish for every human being on this planet:

“May your last breath here on earth be a peaceful one!”