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Need Your Help with SEED MONEY to launch FundingKidsForSoccer
HHBB International, Inc., dba
Soccer Promotions International
and Soccer Promotions U.S.A.,
will be the primary funding
source for the project, via 

Targeting primarily Inner City Kids, who cannot afford to play organized soccer, our mission is to fund our most   
promising hopefuls
 to their highest level of development.

We would really appreciate your help launching this 
exciting project. It will significantly expand our professional U.S. Soccer pool 
of players. You may 
For Paypal donations (for which you DO NOT have to have a Paypal account) use herbmeister66@hotmail.com to donate.
No amount is too small...Thank You!

You will find regular updates on our FundingKidsForSoccer.org website as well as SoccerIsMyGame.com (both under construction)

The unveiling of our designs will take place shortly after
the 2018 World Cup . . . You're gonna like what you see . . . a lot!
I'm taking  Germany for their 5th Championship!
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  Passionate Soccer Enthusiast, and last but not least, I remain . . .
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