Welcome to my world ...

                  ... a world filled with Love,

                               Laughter, Fun and Joy!  ____________________________

And just so you know, there’s more to The   HerbMeister than rocking the mic as MC of Oktoberfest  at Old World Village in Huntington Beach, California for the past 34 years (since  1983)

. . . MUCH MORE!


Blessed father of three beautiful children: Heidi, Bryan & Brendan;
Singer /  Songwriter, Philosopher, Writer, Visionary / Entrepreneur, Passionate Soccer Enthusiast,
and last but not least, I remain . . . your humble servant!



If you joined us for Oktoberfest at Old World Village in Huntington Beach,

you may just find your pic on our website, www.OldWorld.ws



Also, you can JOIN my Herbmeister Fan Club...A Lifetime Membership is ONLY $10.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER your Official Membership Card NOW! You can order securely

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Launching Soccer Promotions International with SoccerIsMyGame.com

(under construction) this Summer of 2017!

Our 5-Item Product Line consists of Exquisite International Soccer Designs

for Jerseys, T-Shirts, Warm-Up Tops, 6" Round Vinyl Stickers

and Spare Tire Covers for RVs, Vans and Jeeps. 




is also on the drawing board.



You can share in my life's journey with frequent visits to this website.

I believe, you're in for one helluva fun ride!

Y'all come back now, ya hear!


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