Dear Friend of
 The HerbMeister,

I would be honored if you would please take a few moments
and listen to my German and English Christmas CD.
Hear 'Silent Night
' in German (as originally composed).
 “Christmas Greetings from Los Angeles”
“Weihnachtsgrüsse aus Los Angeles”
You can listen now for free > click the Red CD cover below

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I did recorded this album for my mother’s 70th birthday in 1982.
Here she is at 85
years young at my niece, Andrea’s wedding in 1997.
She made it to 96, God rest her sweet soul.
I do all the vocals on this album: Volume I
of my “Learning German Through Music” Series.
And, I had the distinct honor and privilege of
engaging Jazz Virtuoso, DAVID BENOIT,
on his piano for this album.
Blessed through my mother's beautiful singing voice
and I put my heart and soul into these recordings.
You will treasure this unique Christmas album
for years to come!

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy it!

Blessings and Merry Christmas to You & Your Family!

With Love,
Herb ' The HerbMeister' Schwarz

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in Huntington Beach, CA...Since 1983
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