Jobs . . .
                                      [ please do NOT call if you are a MAC user ]

  1. hire for hourly rate $10 - $30 (remote employee)
  2. independent contractors $10 - $50/hr. (only USA)
  3. part time jobs, hourly, day, week, month (english)
  4. commissions jobs 10% to 50% !!!   (world wide)
[ we pay your salary payments with every Friday 8pm ]

  Help to develop this "Refrigerator Phrase Magnets" web-site

    We are looking  for skills like:

    web-designer (min. 5 years experience)
    knowing: html 4 + 5
    Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, Google Chrome, Firefox
    WAP, cell phone applications (APPS)
    graphic designer w/Photoshop 7, 8 or CS
    FTP, cgi-bin, Perl, Java-scripts is a plus
    SEO + LSI specialists (familiar w/Google, yahoo + msn)

    Online sales from home, paid calls from us
    Distributors, affiliates, wholesaler, etc.

    Requirements: patience, like to work 24/7, peaceful,
                            must have FrontPage, any Photoshop, Vista or 7
                            IBM based machine, monitor min 1280x1024,
                            high-speed Internet 2MB+, keyboard, mouse !
                            own phone number (cell o.k.)
                            e-mail address w/ daily checking
                            min. age 18+ (plz), max age 98 w/no grey hair!

                           some jobs require a car to travel (California)

   feel free to call already today 12 noon to 12 midnight PST
  ask for John  310-320-2226  (call only with "caller ID" ! )
  or ask for Micci 310-809-0109  9 am to 7 pm PST (CA)

  prepare a ONE page short resume with your skills,

  we will ask for fax-it or e-mail to


  more coming soon . . .