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Old World Huntington Beach is known for its German Bar, award-winning German Restaurant, authentic brats from Old World Deli, imported beers & German goods
sold at German Deli (formally known as Old World European Market), and fresh made German bread, rolls, pastries & cakes from Old World Bakery. 
Old World also hosts a variety of Special Events throughout the year including: World-famous Oktoberfest celebration in September & October,
German Heritage Day in July, German Unity Day in October. Some car-shows, flee-market, art-shows and our healthy farmer markets.
Visit with reservation, coupons available, tickets online. FREE close parking. Rain & shine in and outside. BIG patio. Kids-friendly.



Mon - Thur 4PM - 11PM

Friday  4PM - 12AM

Saturday  12PM - 12AM

Sunday  10PM - 11PM

thx, John