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  PARTNERS AND AFFILIATES  AT W-W.TV + W-W-W.TV  [ call for changes 310-320-2226 ]  



Please fill out the form above to add your name and skills to the affiliate list. Also visit the JOB Resume and fill out all you can. Send ASAP, John

1 John K. GM
12 - 12 midnight
310-320-2226 Beverly Hills john@w-w-w.tv Run The Show . . .
2 Dianna M MGR
7 - 12 noon
818-857-9000 Agoura Hills dianna@w-w-w.tv Finance, money in and out, bank control
Antique Market, Hollywood Interviews
3 Richard M. Supervisor
9 - 5pm
818-891-0355 Westlake Village rich@w-w-w.tv Design, banner, advertising, TV, shows, teach, video on demand
4 Billy S. Advertising +++
7am - 10pm
702-245-0296 Las Vegas billy@w-w-w.tv Organization, overview, control, advisor,
1st EDITOR, stock/public, travel market

“Learn how to build a wealth generation system.  Realize your financial goals and achieve them”!
Use a step-by-step method and evaluate your progress as you go. A mentoring program is in place to make sure you stay on the true path to success. The Travel Industry is just one industry where billions of dollars are spent and millions upon millions of dollars in commissions are paid. You just may want to be a part of that – get your fair share. A team with limited enrollment is being formed and you are invited to participate – ACT FAST:
There is NO RISK and there is a huge upside potential for those willing to devote a little time – NOT MONEY.
Technology can help make millionaires virtually overnight. We pride ourselves at being on the leading edge of trends and have enjoyed incredible success in the past. Be part of the future! We will all start together and share in the wealth in this team environment. Sincerely Bruce Sniadach, ADV Support MGR

Mr. Bruce work as Independent Affiliate for w-w-w.tv, at Las Vegas, NV. Reach from 9am-10 pm. [ contact fee $60/hr. - Phone $1 min - email $5 + $1 ea. line ]
PRO & CONTRA support, advisor for security and editor help and support for all other affiliates.
Instruction: "How to build a program to get rich!"
Step by Step to get all information to this incredible business opportunity - be a millionaire in 1 year or less. WE, all the affiliates will start on the same day.
Specialist for the Travel Market. Renting, leasing RV's. Hotel reservation & support. Special deals and lowest prices on Air-fairs help and reservations.
Organize and Hosting Monthly Events in Las Vegas for the presentation of the www.W-W-W.TV company and the Myriad Escort Center 702-123-1234.
MAIN MGR for our PPC, PPV, PPK Advertising and Banner Exchange. Google Support, Yahoo Advisor and MSN affiliate. Advertising ESTIMATOR !
TimeToBeSeen.com Marketing will help -
local businesses get the internet marketing that they desperately need. Go Affiliate with W-W-W.TV TODAY !
5 Lee H. Tech-Advisor
8am - 8pm
310-972-0207 Redondo Beach lee@w-w-w.tv cad, advisor, custom service, Asian market, 2nd EDITOR
Logon to your account: news123 [HELP]
6 Howard K. $$$ SALES 916-660-1638 Reno, NV howard@w-w-w.tv sales, controller, overview, shopping cart, $$$, {our PayPal] security server, banking  
7 Steve A. Support, BOSS 310-798-1661 Torrance steve@w-w-w.tv control overview support team, adv sales
8 Ned L. repair, tech, parts 310-530-9800 Torrance net@w-w-w.tv computer repair, virus, parts, hardware,  
9 Ben R. Domain Name 480-505-8877 South Carolina ben@w-w-w.tv domain, e-mail help, adv PPC  
10 Barry L. Counselor, help 562-673-1417 Long Beach barry@w-w-w.tv people support, stress, school, books
16 Garry M. Controller, Tester 310-333-2222 Inglewood garry@w-w-w.tv sound control, video submitting, testing  
17 King B Editor, music, help 707-439-6758 San Francisco, Fairfield king@w-w-w.tv sound control, video editing, testing  
18 Mickey H. Entertainment
10am - midnight
951-427-9707 Riverside mickey@w-w-w.tv Entertainment, blog, speaker, live shows  
19 John K. PPC - PPV
310-320-2226 Torrance ppc@w-w-w.tv Sales, Google, yahoo, Bing, control
20 Alex W. Designer
6pm - midnight
310-428-9770 Torrance alex@w-w-w.tv PS, DreamWeave, Illustrator, design, logos
21 David B. BANK
9am - 7pm
310-218-7389 Redondo Beach david@w-w-w.tv Book-keeping, money, loans, interest  
22 Bob F. BET
10am - 10pm
310-925-5744 Culver City bob@w-w-w.tv Black Entertainment, party, meetings, show,
Hotel Meeting, Presentation, PPC education
  Education, Training and Tutoring, School and Entertainment goes hand in hand . . .
We will invite you in presentation meetings in large hotels around your next city and show how you can be a part of our success. "WE THE W-W-W.TV" people produce a content on the Internet for 'the mass' people watching TV on their computer. Also reverse:  hook-up your Television with wireless (from us available) or with a simple USB-coax-cable to watch any TV-station around the world on your big screen TV or just watch the news in the kitchen. Our presentation will show how you can create your own web-site and produce 1000's of pages with videos and TV shows. Let us show you to invest from $10 - to make $100 in less than a week. For ever hour you spend online, we will pay around 10 dollar up-to $100 an hour! The most is research and just watching TV sites and videos on YouTube.com.
With our online education in Net-Meetings, participate in one on one classes or just watch our daily live school - you will learn in no time - how it works for you. Online school and training are always free, all the time. Also our online videos are free to download. Our software for training cost $0.
You ask why and how? We are looking in the future and waiting for you to make allots of money. We will get around 10% from your income and we will provide you for all your needs. From hosting your web-sites to mass e-mail marketing for free to all of our affiliates. We will help you to design pointed snitches for your skills and your hobby knowledge.
YOU have to control and check your online 'store-pages' to grow and work on search engines. You have to submit on special prepared pages, your new video-frames to Google and yahoo, also to many other search engines [we will teach you how, for free] You have to check daily your counter and stats. Every Fridays, after midnight you need to check your PayPal account for the money postings. [PayPal will forward the credit to your bank account - NOT the w-w-w.tv company! ]
Monthly we have a big party at hotels with buffet dinner and dance for over 500+ affiliates. You can bring friends and have fun with our young incredible bands and DJ's. (18 and over!) Big tombola and prices are waiting for you. Win Laptop's, computer, LED monitors and many technical gadgets.
A board of minimum 10 technicians answer all your questions. Also we have a introduction hour for hour biz on a big screen TV.
The cover charge is $10 or $30 all you can eat and drink. Alcohol is sold separately on the bar. You will get on the door a coupon for the money you pay and cash in in frame-pages for free. Meetings start 7pm, 8pm presentation and 9pm to 11pm is show time. Nice dress code is a must [no tie's].
Taxi and carpooling available. NO cell phones and NO smoking inside [will be taken in front of everybody].
JOB market - www.J-O-B-S.US sign-up above with your skills
We are looking for 500 to 1000 hungry computer freaks - we say it out load !
If you need a job or just money for your toys - you are on the right page . . . Fill out the resume-page and send ASAP to us [5-10 days response]
W-W-W.TV's goal is to work with a team of hundreds of smart guys and gals together to produce a content of the largest TV stations and video sites in the world. We will not compete - we will dominate the market and will also provide the hardware as modems, router and connections. We will give all software needed for free and teach how to participate to get started and get paid.
The hourly rate is $10 US up-to $50 maximum. The monthly income is minimum $1000 ! (25 hour weekly work !) - THE MAXIMUM PAID IS $5000! (working hour done minimum 100 hr.! ) Payment system depend on PayPerClick ratio - i.e. if you have 10,000 pages online and every day ONLY one click on: you will earn 1 penny each click x 10,000 is $100 day x 30 days is $3,000 month or $36,000 per year.
Just think big and if you spend 8 hour per day to produce content. Our staff makes in the average, 10 pages with 10 videos each hour! This are 800 videos or PPC possibility per day, this are 16,000 per month. And 200,000 per year.
NOW lets check one of the VIDEO-PAGE we use for our PPC web-site: FUNNY VIDEOS - CLICK HERE
1st video
35,225,877 visits=penny + 2. video 295,119,041 + 3. video 10,528,100 + 4. video 6,110,449 + 5. video 21,269,667 +
6. video 1,071,642 + 7. video 12,810,456 + 8. video 7,089,232 + 9. 2,658,587 =
TOTAL ONLY: 391,879,000 clicks/visits x 1 penny = $ 3,918,790 (4 million! - 1 page!)

YOU CAN HAVE UP TO 100,000 PAGES WITH VIDEOS WITH >>>NO<<< EXTRA COSTS. YOU CAN HAVE SO MANY VISITORS YOU LIKE AND PRODUCE PAGES.  [All pages are protected from viruses and spam - every IP count as only one hit !]

Buying and selling "KEYWORDS" and link-strings / link-farms on W-W-W.TV web-site network:  (call for admissions)
Domain Name registration, colo hosting + virtual hosting, frame forwarding, 
C-L-O-U-D.US storage, back-up, emergency, help, support . . .
www.INVENTION-s.com - IDEAS - www.P-A-T-E-N-T.US 
23 Benny S. Food
10am - midnight
310-800-7607 Long Beach benny@w-w-w.tv Food, Recipe, Sale, banner exchange  
24 Kevin S. CABLE TV
6pm - midnight
562-972-0140 Cerritos kevin@w-w-w.tv Cable Network, sales, channel advisor  
25 John Y. HOSTING
310-674-6837 Beverly Hills hosting@w-w-w.tv ISP since 1994!
26 Paul S. Tech Support 310-283-9516 Beverly Hills hosting@w-w-w.tv mechanic, installation, hardware, wireless
27 Mike e-mail, support 480- South Carolina mike@w-w-w.tv Perl, email, shopping cart, advertising  
28 Michael S. SEARCH
11am - midnight
310-798-8951 Redondo Beach michael@w-w-w.tv S-E-A-R-C-H.com, PPC, PPV, PPK, PPD,  
29 Dianna/Rose FACEBOOK
8am - 6pm
818-706-1411 Agoura Hills rose@w-w-w.tv Maintenance , chat, sales, PPC + PPV
30 CraigsList TWITTER
24/7 - 3 shifts
50+ people USA twitter@w-w-w.tv Maintenance - 24/7  
31 CraigsList BLOG 50+ people USA blog@w-w-w.tv Maintenance - 24/7  
32 CraigsList eBay 10+ people USA ebay@w-w-w.tv sale, posts, lease, buy, mass submit $$$  
33 CraigsList eBay store 5+ people USA ebaystore@w-w-w.tv post, up-date, sales  
34 CraigsList Amazon   USA amazon@w-w-w.tv Books, Information's, Video sales  
35 CraigsList INTERNET 30+ people USA internet@w-w-w.tv www publishing, META, keywords  
36 CraigsList BLAH   USA research@w-w-w.tv research  
37 CraigsList LIVE CAM 50+ people USA livecam@w-w-w.tv maintain, streaming, hosting, network  
38 CraigsList EDITOR HTML 50+ people USA html@w-w-w.tv speed control, css, asp, .net, html4+  
39 CraigsList EDITOR FLASH 12+ people USA flash@w-w-w.tv up-date, up-load, control submit  
40 CraigsList EDITOR JAVA 5+ people USA perl@w-w-w.tv all scripts controller, ad, remove,  
41 CraigsList EDITOR PERL 2+ people USA perl-editor@w-w-w.tv shopping cart controller. $$$ move  
42 CraigsList EDITOR NEWS 100+ people USA news@w-w-w.tv get-put news hourly online, 24/7  
43 CraigsList EDITOR LIVE 20+ people USA live@w-w-w.tv LIVE controller, web-site, uploads !!!  
44 CraigsList EDITOR CHAT 10+ people USA chat@w-w-w.tv Chat MGR, cellular, tweet, blog, write  
45 CraigsList EDITOR PPC 100+ people USA ppc@w-w-w.tv PayPerClick advertising controller  
46 CraigsList EDITOR PPV 50+ people USA ppv@w-w-w.tv count, stats, PayPerView, collect  
47 CraigsList EDITOR eBay 5+ people USA ebay-editor@w-w-w.tv video sale, advertising, PPC control $$$  
48 CraigsList EDITOR JOBS 30+ people USA opening@w-w-w.tv find, posting jobs, check resumes, appoint  
49 Mary P. 3rd EDITOR 310-518-0000 Manhattan Beach mary@w-w-w.tv control the all over operations, daily report  
50 Ed P. 4th EDITOR 310-518-0000 Manhattan Beach ed@w-w.tv Employment organization, health, layoffs  
51 Mary T. Checking-look 562-443-8480 Long Beach mart@w-w-w.tv maintaining, checking, reporting, spam  
52 Carl W. TAX 310-618-0247 Torrance carl@w-w-w.tv TAX, accounts, users, controlling  
53 Maury M. Technical NET 310-213-1301 Hermosa Beach maury@w-w.tv tech support for hardware, run, fix, repairs  
54 CraigsList Viruses 30+ people USA virus@w-w-w.tv McAfee, etc, Defender, hacker min.5 years  
55 Pam B. Up-dater 562-213-5811 Cerritos pam@w-w-w.tv up-load, up-date, maintaining www
56 Erich C. Communication 310-755-1553 Long Beach erich@w-w-w.tv call, cell phones, alexa, Google, promo,
57 Nia B. Network 310-228-3626 San Francisco nia@w-w-w.tv Perl, servers, Cisco, router ?, apache, back  
58 Art N. biz-info 310- Redondo Beach art@w-w-w.tv new, advertising, marketing, snail-mail  
59 Kiri M. web-design 818-564-0200 Los Angeles kiri@w-w-w.tv web-design sales, logo, paper, printing  
60 Martin V. Investment 954-479-2247 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida martin@w-w-w.tv stock, investment, loyal, trust, copyright  
61 Irma M. Employment 310-880-5390 San Francisco irma@w-w-w.tv hire, fire, estimates, resume, new sign-up's  
62 Alan H. Health 310-534-2121 Palos Verdes ala@w-w-w.tv web-site part of health, help, employee care  
63 Renata H. Research 310-325-4474 Lomita renata@w-w-w.tv search - find, compare, competitors,  
64 Bill K. Lawyer 310-418-6864 Manhattan Beach bill@w-w-w.tv company lawyer, questions, control, advice  
65 Richard G. copyrights, law 818-441-1051 Hollywood richard@w-w-w.tv copyrights, music, video, paper shredder  
66 Rodney A. Patents 877-897-8804 Redondo Beach rodney@w-w-w.tv patent lawyer, idea control, submit, check  
67 Ginne W. News-Watch
Translator - CHI
310-293-4708 Gardena ginne@w-w-w.tv news-input, hourly, daily, week, roaming, China Market, Hong Kong  
68 Rosa W. FIND, Art +++ 310-533-1028 Torrance rosa@w-w-w.tv research, advertising PPC market, Art Center  
69 Freddy F. LEASE/RENT
310-218-7329 Torrance freddy@w-w-w.tv property, hardware, travel, meetings,
hotels, presentation, German Market
  Meetings for HOW YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET TODAY - organized by Freddy & his friends at different HOTELS at the LAX strip:
First working from your own HOME, second be a part of a large network to get customers for FREE ! Work only how much money you need !
COST: Keep 90% from all YOUR income, pay only a small fee of 10% for hosting, user-, e-mail-, FTP-, advertising- accounts (AFTER PAYMENT)
NOW THE BEST - LAST: GET more $$$ as a part of the NETWORK - w-w.tv will split ALL profit with affiliates after donations made to www.RedCross.com
70 Rudi M. Translator - GER 310-789-1234 Torrance rudi@w-w-w.tv International, tech super, gadget  
71 CraigsList Support, main   5 people, South Bay support@w-w-w.tv apply w/ resume with skills for:
hardware, video, software, cams,
72 CraigsList Help WWW 20 people, South Bay to help@w-w-w.tv apply w/ resume with skills for:
HTML4, submit/up-load FTP, video
73 CraigsList Help Video   5 people, South Bay to video@w-w-w.tv apply w/ resume with skills for:
create YouTube video, up-load help
74 Micci F. Music 310-809-0109 San Pedro music@w-w-w.tv music/video up-loads, sales, downloads control, storage data base, souvenirs, ads   
75 Maury M. DVD - CD 310-213-1301 Redondo Beach dvd@w-w-w.tv DVD burning sales, $1 accounts maintenance, CD/DVD sales  
76 Ole G. Production 323-325-8732 Hollywood ole@w-w-w.tv corporations, wholesale, larger accounts, copyright law, GEMA, MGM
77 CraigsList Help 900 5+ people USA 900@w-w.tv $1 minute help, advertising, repairs  
78 CraigsList JAVA 5+ people USA java@w-w-w.tv JAVA 1st install/run, min. 5 years  
79 CraigsList FLASH 20+ people USA flash@w-w-w.tv create new, from scratch, unique fun  
80 Scott SCRIPTS PL +01 Irland perl@w-w-w.tv remote access, fixing, Perl, apache, e-mail, spam, viruses, help, repair  
81 CraigsList SSH 1+ people USA secure@w-w-w.tv ssh, with help from Howard  
82 CraigsList HTML 20+ people South Bay webmaster@w-w-w.tv web-master, minimum 7 years  
83 CraigsList SCHOOL 50+ people South Bay edu@w-w.tv education LIVE learning, teacher online  
84 CraigsList GAMER 250+ people South Bay/World games@w-w-w.tv game control - prize payments, win/losses  
85 CraigsList TECH / GADGET 20+ people South Bay/World tech@w-w.tv techie, gadget instruction, books, sales  
86 CraigsList JOB - Recruiter 50+ people CALIFORNIA, US job@w-w-w.tv job affiliates - recruiter, NOT EDITORS!  
87 CraigsList JOB - HIRE 50+ people WORLD jobs@w-w-w.tv 1099, independent contractors, outside com  
88 SUPPORT Animated US Flag 25+ people USA USA@w-w-w.tv translate and support  
89 SUPPORT Israeli Flag 5+ people   Hebrew@w-w-w.tv    
90 SUPPORT British Flag 25+ people   english@w-w-w.tv    
91 SUPPORT German Flag 15+ people   German@w-w-w.tv    
92 SUPPORT Spanish Flag 5+ people   spain@w-w-w.tv    
93 SUPPORT French Flag 5+ people   france@w-w-w.tv    
94 SUPPORT Portuguese Flag 5+ people   Portuguese@w-w-w.tv    
95 SUPPORT Italian Flag 5+ people   Italy@w-w-w.tv    
96 SUPPORT Japanese Flag 5+ people   Japan@w-w-w.tv    
97 SUPPORT Chinese Flag 15+ people   China@w-w-w.tv    

Please call or e-mail right away for correction or removal of any input and data above: 

John USA-310-Mr.INTERNET   -  12-12 PST   john@w-w-w.tv

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