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Join my Herbmeister Fan Club Today!



          For a Lifetime Membership of only $10 (one-time out of pocket), you get:


               *  Official Lifetime Membership Card (with Membership Number)…

               *  Birthday surprise each and every year on your special day…


               *  Free entry in drawing for a chance to WIN A LIMO RIDE with The Herbmeister


                   AND 5 OF YOUR FRIENDS at this year’s Oktoberfest 2015!


                   (Based on a minimum of 200 members...Limo Ride covers a 60 mile radius from Old World...)


      *  Party of 6 - includes 5 of your friends! (Hell yeah!)


      *  Picked up and chauffeured “To and From” Oktoberfest on Saturday night,

October 24th 2015!


                * Also eligible for other drawings* and surprises throughout the year…


         Next year, God willing, will be my 33rd Year MC’ing the Oktoberfest at Old World in

              Huntington Beach, California!


                   BE THE 1st ONE in your group TO

                   JOIN The Herbmeister Fan Club!


                      LOCK IN your Lifetime Membership for ONLY $10

                                              (1-Time Out of Pocket)!

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             Thank You and I look forward to welcoming you into my Herbmeister Fan Club!


Right now I have payments set up for PayPal but you don't need to have a PayPal acc't.

                                               Simply CLICK ON "Buy Now" BUTTON below.


                                       Upon purchase of your $10 Lifetime Membership,

                    I will need your birth date, contact information and mailing address.

                                               (Your info. will always remain private!)


            T-Shirts will be available again in September for Oktoberfest 2015!


              T-SHIRT FRONT                              T-SHIRT BACK




Who loves you, baby?!?